Airboom Pad ( 2pcs)

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Negative ion beneficial for body
The negative ion is abundant in the environments where the air is pure and healthful, such as highlands, forests, and waterfalls. We can summarize the effects of the negative ion as below.

Purifying the blood
With minerals in the blood Ionized, the blood is alkalified to purify the blood.

Vitalizing the cells
When negative ions increase in the blood, the interchanges of matters of cell membranes proceed smoothly to vitalize the cells.

Increasing resisting force
Globurine, an immune component in blood serums increase, which also increase a resisting force.
This accounts for that many chronicle patients have often been cured by recuperating at a highland, at a seaside, or at a pastoral area.
These have effects on relieving pains, sleeping well, increase appetite, lowering blood pressure, refreshing, and preventing fatigue, by stabilizing the body.

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