Atlantic trumpet triton,Charonia tritonis

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Atlantic Trumpet Trition, Charonia Tritonis

Charonia Tritonis is a type of large shell where consist of very beautiful lines on it. It shell is used for decoration. However in the old time is also used as the horn, therefore the Atlantic sides has named this shell as Atlantic Trumpet Triton. Some of the minorities even believe that Charonia tritonis have some power that can be protect from evil. So, Charonia Tritonis is used to blow when in a ceremony.


相信眼尖的您一定會被某種具有美麗紋路的大型海螺所吸引,這種海螺稱為大法螺(Charonia tritonis),牠的外殼除了裝飾外,在古代也常拿來當號角使用,所以大西洋地區將這種海螺俗稱為Atlantic trumpet triton。有一些少數民族甚至相信大法螺會有某種法力可以避邪,因此在慶典時一定要用大法螺來吹奏。

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