Austrian Wing Drop Butterfly Necklace/Earrings Set - Aquamarine

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RM45.00 After Tax: RM45.00

Product Details

Accessories to women are like water to plants, milk to babies and honey to bees, one can’t live without the other. Be it a necklace, ring, earring or bracelet, it’s impossible for a lady not to have either one. But the ultimate accessory that a woman should have is definitely a set of necklace and earrings. They can change a women’s look from drag to fab in an instant!

Allure Opulence

Glam up your wardrobe ensemble with Austrian Wing Drop Butterfly Necklace, Earrings and take on the world with style! Austrian Wing Drop Butterfly Necklace, Earrings is idyllic for those dinner party of formal event. Glam yourself up and add a little sparkle with Austrian Wing Drop Butterfly Necklace, Earrings.


What's in the box: 1 x pendant 1 x necklace 1 x earrings 1 x Gift Box/ Gift Bag 

General Features:

Price RM 45.00
Buyer Protection Details 14 Days Free Return
Material Rhodium with 18K White Gold Plated
Size ( L X H X W ) 3cm (H) x 1.8cm (W)
Weight 0.1kg


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