BE8521A Coffee Grinder

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Have you ever dreamed that having your own line of kitchen gadgets one day?

Having a right tools for the job makes your cooking so much more fun.

Now, this is a pretty good kitchen gadgets---- coffee mill bean machine, will bring much more funny for you or your family!

General Description :

Brand : BE
Model : BE8521A
Type : Drip Coffee Maker
Way of use : Manual
The main source of : Self making plans
Housing Material : Wood
Power Source : Manual
Color : Brown



  • Manual driven grinder.
  • Antique style design.
  • Perfect for coffee shop displays, as a birthday gift, or simply to grind coffee beans!
  • Wood stand, metal bowl.
  • Bronze colored bowl & crank.


Attention :

  1. Before use should adjust the rubs bean machine: Grind coffee powder the minute thickness, center, thin three kinds.
  2. The user basis needs the degree, by adjusts the shaft upward or moves to under, upward is thick, under is thin.
  3. Moves to most under when should keep 0.25mm crack, avoids rubbing the stick to increase or to catch.
  4. When adjusts the proglottis adjustment to finish like the chart to install the screw on piece(2) and other fittings then works.


Warranty :

3 months manufacturer warranty.




1. 用磨豆机研磨时,不要一次磨太多,够一次使用的份量就好了,磨豆机一次使用愈久愈容易发热,间接使咖啡豆在研磨的过程中因被加热而导致芳香提前释放,会影响烹煮后咖啡的香味。
2. 在研磨的过程中,应轻轻的转动,尽可能使磨芯不产生摩擦热。



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