Black Gold Legend Ginger Tea (台湾黑金传奇 黑糖姜母茶)

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The Best Selling Product Taiwan Black Gold Legend Ginger Tea (黑金传奇黑糖姜母茶)!! A popular must buy souvenir in Taiwan, Dan Shui.

Ingredients: Dark Brown Sugar, Old Ginger/Dark Brown Sugar, Old Ginger, Dates, Dried Longan.

1) Prevent/ Fight against Cold
2) Warms body & relieve rheumatic condition (especially arising from air conditioning)
3) Relieve dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramp)
4) Helps in indigestion and flatulence (gas)
5) Helps in insomnia and increase urination
6) Improves qi and blood (helps in anemia)
7) Weight Loss

成分有黑糖、老姜、红枣、桂圆。浓郁的姜香味以及甜度适中的黑糖滋味,喝下去后整个胃部温热,相当舒服。由甘蔗提炼而出的黑糖本身及富含大量矿物质及维生素,黑糖性温,搭配老姜母及桂圆干一起熬煮当饮品,具有御寒效果,促进血液循环,黑糖也有整肠经胃的功效。 「黑糖姜母茶」不仅可以预防感冒,还能减轻月经疼痛、益气补血、改善失眠、频尿,真是一举数得呀!

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