Black Sugar Flavor Cold Days

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Black gold legend 'brown sugar flavor cold days' 

Ingredients: brown sugar, Shanhu Cao.

1. Red algae sea bird's nest is from the Indian Ocean seabed pure breed, which is rich in elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron and other unique dietary fiber to help burn fat, as well as growth in the bone.

2. The cold days are red algae extract technology, low calorie, containing a large number of natural fiber (87%), sugar and cholesterol may reduce the absorption, easy satiety, it attracts people who want to lose weight. Cold day rich in dietary fiber, such as calcium, iron and other minerals, helps in constipation, beauty, weight loss, prevention of chronic disease equivalent.

3. Shanhu Cao, both collagen can help in beauty, skin care, promote metabolism, but also high in fiber and minerals, can make the skin to re-render shiny and full of vitality.

4. Shanhu Cao helps in qi and blood, pain, treatment of irregular menstruation, nervous headache and constipation, detoxification effect.

5. Children can use it to do their own delicious jelly or straight to drink. Beauty comes from the things you consume in inner that shows beauty from the inside out.

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