Brown Sugar Siwu Tea

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Black gold legend

Name: Brown Sugar SIWU / Brown Sugar rose four things to drink

Ingredients: brown sugar root, angelica, white peony root, Rehmannia, wolfberry (rose petals)


1. Yin and blood, clean the blood, kidney, Cellulite, bowel, conditioning the female meridians, strengthen immune function, adjust the endocrine, beauty effect.

2. Rose has a slight role of blood circulation, helps the body blood circulation, eliminate blood clots; improved anemia status, it can increase iron.

3. Women use can slow down the aging physiological functions, promote blood circulation, improve blood shortage, ideal to consume after menstruation to nourish blood, can also reduce pain during menstruation. It does not contain estrogen, men can consume too.

4. The benefit qi is weak and feeble, cold hands and feet, fatigue edible, and conditioning period allowed or abnormalities.

5. Long-term drinking can help blood smooth, easy to cold hands and feet and can make rosy skin smooth, remove the skin dull or dark circles, helps in pale and rough skin condition

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