Burdock Tea

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Name: sugar burdock tea

ingredients: sugar, red dates, wolfberry, burdock, Chinese caterpillar fungus.


1. Burdock tea is a kind of natural dietary antioxidants, a diuretic, antipyretic, swelling, and burdock tea and contains arginine, have prompted hormone secretion.

2. Burdock tea making intestines from the inside as well as outside support oligosaccharides dietary fiber contained burdock, benefit stomach and intestines, flatulence, promote gastrointestinal motility (intestines, constipation); help reduce toxins, waste accumulation in the body , to prevent stroke and prevention of gastric cancer, uterine cancer effect; inhibit cancer cell breeding, diffusion, and remove and discard the role of heavy metals in water.

3. Burdock root is rich in soluble fiber and inulin, it can increase the excretion of sterols, cholesterol blocking the enterohepatic circulation, interfere with the formation of the small intestine particles, most can reduce the absorption of fat, which can reduce blood fat and lose weight.

4. For the treatment of lung qi and kidney deficiency, tuberculosis due to hemoptysis or bloody sputum, cough. Shortness of breath, sweating, have a good effect on the kidney impotence, lumbar pain and so on, but also tonic frail elderly.

5. Nourishing beauty; simple and convenient way to drink: burdock tea can be consume in the morning with an empty stomach, it helps to clean the intestines.

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