HU-500 Slow Squeezing System -SSS

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Hurom extracts juice by using the world's first patented Slow Squeezing Technology.

What is the Slow Squeezing Technology? 

Without the friction or impact on the materials, it is the only Hurom's technology that makes the juice pressing gently in low speed and minimizes the loss of nutrients by heat and oxidation in order to keep the natural taste and nutrition.



Drum Assembly : Generation 1

BPA Free Drum : Yes

Hurom SSS™ Technology : Yes

Juice Cap : Yes

Safety Sensor : Yes

Self Cleaning : Yes

Size of Juicing Bowl : 300ml

Strainers : 1 Ultem Strainer (fine) & 1 Coarse Strainer

Accessories : Recipe Book, 2 Jugs, Cleaning Brush, Chute Cover

Voltage : 220-240 volts

Power Consumption : 150W

Rated Usage : Up to 30 minutes continuously



The HU500 (also known as "The Entertainer") brings even more innovation to cold-press juicing with a new patented extraction system, new juice outlet cap as well as the reliable performance you can expect from the Hurom name.

SSS: the patented Slow Squeezing System

The HU500 has a new extraction system that efficiently and quickly squeezes and presses your fresh produce, unlike a centrifugal juicer which relies on high speed blades to shred fruit and vegetables. The Hurom 500 has a slow juicing speed of 80RPM, which minimises any loss of nutrients created by friction and heat.

The HU500's vertical auger makes feeding your fruit and veg down the chute quicker and easier, and its motor does not expel air or heat which ensures the preservation of the vital nutrients that are not lost to oxidisation. The 'living' juice produced by the Hurom 500 will retain its essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals for up to 48 hours in the fridge!

More juice with no separation

The Hurom 500's extraction system is so effective that it can produce up to double the amount of high-quality living juice. The motor's star gear has been moved to the back of the HU500's drum, ensuring greater separation between juice and pulp and expulsion of the pulp from the back of the drum. This achieves a thinner, less pulpy juice which does not separate - a hallmark of cold-pressed quality.

The Hurom 500 is also manufactured from all BPA-free parts, ensuring you only get the beneficial nutrients out of your produce!

New and convenient juice outlet cap

The presence of this effective juice outlet has earned the HU500 the nickname "The Entertainer" - the main drum of the Hurom 500 is equipped with a reservoir that retains freshly-pressed juice, which you can later dispense as needed straight from the outlet cap! The drum also has a handy measuring gauge that lets you keep track of your family's fruit and veg intake, ensuring you all get your recommended daily dose.

The main drum doubles as a portable juice dispenser and detaches easily from the motor assembly. You can take your fresh cold-pressed living juice (pre-mixed!) on your next picnic without any fuss!

One minute clean

The Hurom 500 is the easiest model to clean in the Hurom family - it comes apart quickly, each part simply requires a quick rinse of water. You can easily remove any stray fibres caught in the sieve or strainer with the included brush.

With the Hurom 500, it's easier than ever to enjoy healthful, cold-pressed nutritious juice wherever you are!



3 months manufacturer warranty.

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