Ice Jade Bangle

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Ice Jade  Bangle - 冰种翡翠玉镯

Ice jade is very tranparent.  The ice jade bangle is show the gorgeous, is perfect jewelry for mature women.  People believe that waering jade bangle can be bring propitious. Every women should own their beauty ice jade bangle, is not only for propitious, but also is a sign to show out the elegance.  

冰种翡翠质地非常透明。冰种翡翠手镯洗尽浮华尽显沉静,是成熟女性的绝佳首饰。 人们相信佩戴翡翠手镯可以具有吉祥平安、幸福圆满、逢凶化吉、遇难呈祥等寓意,每一个漂亮的女子都应该拥有一支属于自己的漂亮冰种翡翠手镯,这不仅是富贵吉祥的寓意,更是一个女子优雅气质的展现。

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