Longan Red Date Tea

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Name: brown sugar red dates longan tea

Ingredients: brown sugar, longan, red dates, wolfberry


1. Dates, also known as "jujube" warm, sweet, deficiency, nourishing fluid for the deficiency dizziness caused or spleen and stomach caused by fatigue, malaise Jieyou help. It has a strong nourishing effect, can improve immune function, enhance disease resistance.

2. Longan meat, longan alias also known as "puzzle", warm, sweet, up Heart, benefit qi and blood, make up the heart nerves, nourishing impotence, soothing beauty effect, it is traditionally often use the blood One drug, the lassitude caused by lack of blood, pale complexion, weakness sweating embolism, longan is a good supplement.

3. Brown sugar, sweet and warm, brown sugar and artificial TCM spleen stomach, blood circulation effect, the right amount of brown sugar water can relieve menstrual pain, help blood emptying.According to experts, brown sugar contains higher calcium than sugar, it also contains sugar that are not carotene, vitamin B2, etc., but not as sweet as sugar. Brown sugar and high glucose levels, it is easy to be absorbed by the body when consumed.

4. Longan mix with red dates, it become the 'Longan red date tea', the main effect has blood Qi, seductive beauty, warm stomach, uterus. It helps people that have, for example, pale, cold hands and feet, chills, anemia tendency of women, after consume it body will feel more warmth and comfortable.

5. Brown sugar, red dates, longan tea, contain plenty of calories which is rich in nutrients, hematopoietic, physical recovery has excellent beneficial for the physiology of women. For women that feels tired after menstruation, brown sugar and red dates longan tea, have enough calories and calcium, potassium, iron, folic acid and other rich nutrients, to help them recover their energy.

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