Martin's Tibia

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Martin’s Tibia

Shell thin and light, the surface is smooth, the shell is high and sharp, large shape, and have lines dysplasia. The mouth is half-moon shaped, consists of 3 to 7 short feet. The axis is smooth and thin, the front is short and straight, while the back is short and bare. Shell colour: light brown colour, white spot, outer part brown colour, the front is black colour, inside is light purple colour, beside is white colour and the axis is white colour. Sizes: medium-large shape, 110-180mm (123.9 x 38.3mm)


壳薄且轻,壳表平滑,螺塔高且尖锐,体层很大,有发育不良的螺纹。壳口呈半月型,有3-7只短足。轴唇滑层薄,前水管短直,後水管短曲且裸露。壳色:浅棕色,有白斑,外唇外缘褐色,前水管缘黑色,壳口内淡紫色,边为白色,轴唇白色。大小:中大型,110-180 mm。 (123.9×38.3 mm)

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