Red Abalone

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Red Abalone

The red abalone is a species  of very large edible sea snail , a marine gastrpod mollusk . Red abalone is the largest and most common abalone found in the northern part of the state of California . The surface is smooth and broadly scalloped along the edge. The shell surface is generally brick red and the inside edge is often red; Tis red abalone is consist of 3 to 4 pores. 


大型贝类,属海洋软体动物腹足类。 红鲍是于加州北部最大以及最普遍的鲍类贝壳。 表面平滑,和广泛地沿着边缘呈扇形。表面砖红色, 里面呈红色, 拥有3 到4个孔。

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