Super8 Smell Killer Stainless Steel Hand Soap

  • Product Code: drm979LDpExDnu-17
  • Weight(kg): 0.075
  • Size(L x W x H)(cm): 9 x 4.5 x 2.3
  • Shipping: 3 - 6 Working days
RM12.00 After Tax: RM12.00
  • Use stainless steel to remove any unwanted smells or odours from your hands
  • Ideal after handling smelly things such as onion, garlic, fish etc.
  • Simply use like a bar of soap and run cold water over it while rubbing it on your hands
  • Ingredients such as onion, garlic and fish give off sulfur that causes the odour to stain your hands
  • The stainless steel would attract and bind with the sulfur to remove smells!
  • Save money on soap in the kitchen and help the environment
  • Looks great by the sink

    Get rid of nasty garlic and onion smells can that linger on your hands after cooking with the Stainless Steel ‘Soap’ Bar. The science of stainless steel means it is able to strip your hands of the odour that comes with onion, garlic and fish — simply use like a bar of soap under running water.

    Sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. The Stainless Steel ‘Soap’ Bar isn’t made of chemicals — it’s just stainless steel and it can be used to clean your hands after cooking.

    Instead of using perfumed soaps that cover up the smell of odours, the stainless steel bar strips the odours straight from your skin. The stainless steel is said to act as a catalyst, attracting and binding the sulfur, a major component to the strong smells found in onion, garlic and fish etc.

    The best thing about the Stainless Steel ‘Soap’ Bar is that it will last near enough forever if treated correctly. Unlike regular bars of soap that need to be replaced, the stainless steel bar can last a lifetime, saving you money and waste. This bar also looks great by the sink and reduces the need for soap in the kitchen!

    Specifications of Super8 Smell Killer Stainless Steel Hand Soap

    RM 12.00
    Product Line Fun Kitchen
    Model Smell Killer Stainless Steel Soap
    Size (L x W x H) 9cm x 4.5cm x 2.3cm
    Material Stainless Steel
    Language English
    Warranty Period 14 days
    Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty

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