Super8 Super Drive Car Ionic Air Purifier

  • Product Code: drm622XZOoGmor-15
  • Weight(kg): 0.25
  • Size(L x W x H)(cm): 17 x 14.5 x 4.5
  • Shipping: 3 - 6 Working days
RM51.00 After Tax: RM51.00
1 Shipping Coin
  • Power consumption: 2W
  • Rated voltage: DC 12V
  • Area coverage: < 100 sqft
  • Negative ion output: ≥ 0.0001 cm³
  • Activated oxygen: ≤ 0.04 ppm
  • 6 stainless steel needles


    Negative ions are colorless and odorless molecules that can be found in abundance in the mountains, waterfalls and beaches. Studies have shown that negative ions can help alleviate depression, stress, drowsiness, pain and coughs, stop itchiness, improve appetite, anti-hypertension and result iin higher alertness.

    Negative ions increase after a thunderstorm which is why we usually feel invigorated and refreshed. Spending or working long hours in a tightly confined air-conditioned room deprive us of negative ions, we may feel tired, depressed and irritable. A normal human needs millions of negative ions daily.

    2) OZONE:
    The word ozone is derived from a Greek word ozein meaning "smell". Ozone (O3) is an allotropic form of oxygen (O2) with three atoms in each molecule. The smell of freshness in the air after a thunderstorm is normally associated as a light "green grass fragrance", this is the smell resulting from the formation of ozone.

    When ozone is in the air encounters pollutants, the third oxygen atom separates itself form the ozone molecule and attaches itself to the contaminant, neutralizing and destroying it by oxidation. During this process, the extra atom of oxygen is destroyed, leaving only purified oxygen, and the odors and bacteria can be completely eliminated and destroyed.

    Specifications of Super8 Super Drive Car Ionic Air Purifier

    RM 48.00
    Product Line Air Purifier
    Model Super Drive
    Size (L x W x H) 17cm x 14.5cm x 4.5cm
    Weight 250g
    Certifications Fair Trade|Suitable For Allergics
    Warranty Period 6 Months
    Warranty Type Local Manufacturer Warranty

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