Tiger Cowry

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Tiger Cowry

Tiger Cowry is the largest shape in marine gastropod mollusk. Its shell is round shaped, length about 11cm, width about 7cm, and the height is 5cm. Its back is inflate round, two sides are slightly protruding, front is more sharp, and the top is inner sunken. Tiger Cowry’s surface is grey-white or yellow-white colour, is smooth and also porcelain light, bring along black-brown spot with different sizes, the colour is sharp, similar with tiger skin, so commonly known as tiger cowry.  The spiral shell is covers with enamel and the back vein is obvious, the mouth of shell is narrowly long, consist of 24-30 outer teeth, and inner teeth is about 22-26. The Tiger Cowry basement is sunken, milk-white colour, the two sides of shell mouth has the sharp teeth, gender is differ.

Tiger Cowry is a type of valuable ornamental products, so the producing is less, due to the hunting is easy, costless, and even can produce until 50kg in spring-summer at China Yong Xing Island. However, the over hunting has make the resource is damaged critically.





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