Twincore Smart USB Reader for Android 4.0 version mobile card reader

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Product Description

URD100 is a USB2.0 micro SD card reader. URD100 has two hats and two connectors (USB and micro USB). Users can insert a micro SD into URD100 then plug to computer, tablet, mobile, and so on. Users will find a USB disk in the devices (computer, tablet or mobile). The special point is URD100 has a micro USB connector which users can use to connect URD100 with a mobile phone without any extra assistance like a cable.


Support Operation System

  • URD100 supports Microsoft, MAC, Linux, Android (with On The Go function).


  • Behaves like an OTG drive

After inserting a micro SD card, URD100 behaves like an OTG (On The Go) drive. Users can take URD100 as an extended memory portion of a mobile phone. Since URD100 supports two connectors, it is easy for users to share data between mobile phone and PC.

  • Portable memory device for mobile phone

User can copy files, like MP3 and movie, into URD100 and use the file by plugging URD100 into mobile phone anywhere. And users don’t need to occupy the mobile phone memory. 

  • Extend memory of mobile phone

User can copy files from mobile phone into URD100 especially when users’ memory of mobile phone is full.

  • Bridge of devices

Users can user URD100 to share files between computer and computer, computer and mobile phone, mobile phone and mobile phone. Especially when the size of files is very tremendous URD100 will help to save much time and keep mobile phone available during coping files’ period.

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