Violet Jade Bangle

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Violet Jade Bangle - 翡翠紫罗兰玉镯

Violet Jade bangle is a type of bangle in purple colour, This is special assortment, and called as 'chūn’ (spring) in the industry. this type of bangle is light, just like violet flower's colour, so been named from it. 

Purple colour is adore by taoism and also ancient kings.Purple colour is represent mystery, wealth, and gorgeous. Hence, the violet jade jewelry is favourable by women.   

紫罗兰种翡翠是一种紫色的翡翠,这是一种特殊的品种,行内习惯称 “春”。这种非常的姿色一般都比较淡,好像紫罗兰花的紫色,因此得名。

紫色是中国道教和古代帝王崇拜的颜色,所谓 “紫气东来”、“紫衣绶带” 就是紫色地位的写照,所以紫色就成了神秘、富贵和华丽的象征。紫罗兰的首饰紫若烟霞、贵气袭人,宛如以为贵妃姗姗而来。或许正因如此,紫罗兰种的翡翠首饰尤其受东西方女性的青睐。

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