Wellness SR70

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Single Super Single Queen King
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  • If you are a "Tosser 'n Turner", then you are probably incessantly looking for a comfortable position to fall asleep in. This could be due to one of two or even both possibilities:

​i) Excessive pressure points        ii) Excessive heat

  • The wellness SR70 is designed to solve these two seemingly unnoticed problems, which if left unresolved, could cause countless restless nights.
  • ​​Cool breathable natural latex cushions away excessive pressure points, while 3D-Spacer ventilation technology works in synergy with natural latex to allow air to freely flow in and out of this luxury topper as it is being used.
  • To further enhance your sleep quality and well-being, the wellness SR70 is encased in our exclusive wellness anti-stress and anti-microbial fabric with Micro-Carbon Discharge technology to provide you with protection against bacteria, virus, fungus and also excess static charge.

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