Shipping Coin

What is Shipping Coin(s)?
Shipping coin(s) is virtual money to use on cover your shipping fees tolet you enjoy the lower rate of shipping fees when purchase.

How to get Shipping Coin(s)
Different product have different amount of Shipping Coin(s), you may see the Shipping Coin(s) on the product page.

How does Shipping Coin(s) work?
The system will automatically calculate your shipping fee based on your product weight, location, and also your Shipping Coin(s). Shipping Fee deduct Shipping Coin(s) will be your final shipping fee.


How to get Free Shipping and Store Credit?
You may get free shipping when your Shipping Coin(s) is more than Shipping Fee.

What is Store Credit?
The extra shipping coin will transfer to become store credit and you can use the store credit on your next purchase without expired date.

Store Credit limited for certain product only?
No. You can use your Store Credit to purchase any product of (Total amount must RM50.00 and above)